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 Affiliate Marketing Elite Gold Club

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PostSubject: Affiliate Marketing Elite Gold Club   Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:05 pm

Earn USD37 USD18,750 Realtime

Knowing how is important than knowing who and it will be paid off if you have successful signing up your friends or families into subscribing CPS from ECMC.
1. First, you need to understand the full bonus plan offers to you.
ECMC_-_Marketing_Plan.pptx <--- Download company marketing plan here

2. Tell your prospects the benefits if they subscribe the cps from ECMC. Tell them the risks that might be involves in this business like 'there is no business in the world without any risks attached to it'.
3. Let them digest the idea you present to them and make them understand. If they throw you questions, then they're interested to know further and you must answer that within the company bonus plan. Do not let yourself forcing them to signup as that will surely disagree to that.
4. Closing the sales. How to do that? Well, surely you have to quote them numbers, right!. Give them only one price, like 500 cps will cost only usd375 and that is a fraction of the real cost of usd1.00 per cps if the cps is now at usd0,75. Tell them the payment method that the company will accept like using Alertpay, Paypal, Telegraphic Transfer or purchase directly from you. Guide your prospect to do the registration and process their activation.

What do you get if you successfully make them subscribe the ECMC CPS?
Direct Sponsor Bonus - 10% from CPS
You can choose to either select cash(CPSP) or CPS(will be in the dividen form every month).

1.CPSP - You can convert CPSP into ecash once you receive 24 hours after your prospect activate his account.

2.CPS - You will only receive it one month after you activate your prospect account and it will be in the dividend form every month.

** Notes: The option to select CPSP or CPS will be shown only when you do the placement of your prospect in your genealogy.

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2011-08-14

PostSubject: BOOM 1Dunia   Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:03 pm

Trading, Hedging, Investing, Networking and Community

SIGNUP NOW!! Payments Via Check, Alertpay and PayPal

Affiliate Marketing Elite Gold Club
Earn USD37 USD18,750 Realtime

Investors Pocket Profits From ecmc
Unlimited Direct Referrals
Very Cost-Effective Packages with Thousands of Potential Customers
How to be Financial Freedom with Elite Gold Club ECMC

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Affiliate Marketing Elite Gold Club
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